What Peter Obi said about instigating crisis during elections in Niger-Delta

What Peter Obi said about instigating crisis during elections in Niger-Delta

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Vice presidential candidate of the the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Peter Obi, has expressed regret over what he described as the propensity of some persons at the helm of public office to instigate crisis in normally peaceful parts of Nigeria, for their selfish political gains.

In response to questions from newsmen, on arrival at Asaba Airport, yesterday, Obi identified cases where political actors have been trying to foment crisis, especially in the Niger Delta region.

Asserting that the region deserved universal respect, due to its critical role in the production of the wealth of the country, Obi decried alleged antics of actors instigating crisis in the region, on account of politics.

He said with the neglect of the region over the years, those in government should seek ways of improving the living conditions of the people, whose means of livelihood have been destroyed by oil exploration and exploitation activities; and not trying to turn the area into a battle-ground.

He referred to the pacifist approach of late President Umaru Yar’Adua to the zone as its golden period and counselled that political actors should toe that line to secure the nation’s wealth and boost the welfare of the people.

He commended the governors of Niger Delta zone for remaining faithful to the delivery of democracy dividends to their people.

“I travel all over the country, and I can tell you that governors of that zone are among the best-performing in the country, and all deserve a second term,” said Obi.

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