• October 22, 2020

We are at war – Garutech Boss

Alhaji Lukman Garu, CEO, Garu Technologies (Nig.) Ltd in his good will message at the induction/flag-off ceremony of the Girls Auto-Mechanic Training Workshop in Lagos recently said young men we are at war with drugs and other vices.

‘Are we in war? Are our men at war front? Yes we are. Our young men are at war with drugs, narcotic, abuse of medical drugs, codeine; some of them prefer YY (Yahoo yahoo) than a productive job. Our women have taken the challenge we have to encourage them’ he said. 

Garu expressed his excitement to be part of the ceremony especially ‘when I see young women and youths veering into auto-mechanic. Women empowerment and youth entrepreneurship through innovative automotive technology has been able to defeat poverty, create wealth and a better life.

Challenges women face has prevented them from taking full advantage of emerging economic opportunities in automotive business in Nigeria. In the last ten years, so much has been achieved in terms of productivity in enterprises; higher value added jobs and higher income generating employment opportunities for the woman mechanic’ he added.

He emphasizes the need to focus on the enterprising youth and the woman especially; the woman who is the bond that holds the strong family and the nation; who creates, transforms, paints the picture of our everyday hardworking Nigerian woman; whether the housewife, the artisan etc. Our women are naturally gifted with skills and talents that make positive difference in the society and the world at large.

‘Naturally women are creative in managing things. They nurture their male and female kids in a ways that is unique to natural differences of bringing up these kids. Remember managing human required innovation and different ideas than managing machines and tools. 

The Nigerian women are constantly creative and are eager to making something out of nothing. Creativity has become very essential to succeed in today’s world because we face new challenges every day, be at the home front or work place. As the woman creates and transforms, she positively impacts the family, the workplace and the nation in general’.

Asides celebrating the resilient and dynamic nature of today’s women under diverse situations, Lukman appreciate the discussions around the theme of this programme: ‘Gender inclusion, capacity building, women empowerment and youth entrepreneurship through innovative automotive technology’ saying the workshop will seek to unleash the creative and transformative energies of more women and youths.

Alhaji Garu states: ‘With the female population in our country today, it is clear that our women have the capacity to positively affect the Nigerian economy and are already doing so. What is required is a deliberate and articulated policy to support female entrepreneurs through innovative automotive technology .And from my experience; female entrepreneurs are outstanding business people who are very creative and hardworking. Remember when women work or advocate, it’s for the benefit of the kids and family’. 

The entreprenuer suggest that the girl-child should be empowered to study technology-related subjects in school and be trained in new and higher skills. Women should be provided with career guidance to widen the interest of girls and women in existing and emerging opportunities related to technological developments. 

‘During World War II, women tool up works, many women also flocked to work in a variety of civil service jobs. Others worked as chemists and engineers, developing weapons for the war. This included thousands of women who were recruited to work on the Manhattan Project, developing the atomic bomb.

Worried that when men returned from military service there would be no jobs available for them, the authority admonished women to return to the “other room” as soon as victory was at hand. Although as many as 75% of women reported that they wanted to continue working after the war, women were laid off in large numbers at the end of the war.

But women’s participation in the work force bounced back relatively quickly. Receiving a pay cheque was the real game-changer. Most women had been used to receiving whatever money their father or husband chose to give them. Women were not considered to be able to “handle” finances. When they began to receive money, save money and make purchases, they proved they were indeed capable of almost anything.

In response to this war factors, someone write and I quote. “Were it not for World War II and all of the involvement of women in the military industrial complex, could it be argued, that women around the western world would have perhaps been relegated to certain allegedly “female” job types and occupations? I hate to think that a war has any good that can come of it, but is this perhaps one thing that was “good”.

Known for sales and services of Automotive Equipmen, tools, training of automobile personnel and GSM Repair Support Software, Alhaji Lukman said supporting women businesses should no longer be seen as a social support or empowerment but as a necessary step to revive and improve the economy.  

‘The entire Garutech team remains committed to supporting female entrepreneurs. I encourage more women to join this workshop and take advantage of this opportunity.

Finally, I wish to appreciate the effort of the organizers of this great event, The Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineer, Nenis Auto Care, Autolady 

Synergy Co, partners and other stakeholders for your contribution towards addressing the importance of capacity building for the youth and women and helping them to be relevant in the society.

Generally, we specialized in auto workshop and lube bay set up. We also deal on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) tools for small cars, heavy duty trucks, bus, construction equipments, generators and motorbikes, as well as device for key and ECU reprogramming that complied with all protocols. We have become a household name in automotive equipment sales, repairs and maintenance like we have done in the GSM industries in Nigeria and in the West African sub region.

We are official distributor/reseller for more than 40 original products in the world, which include Foxwell, Autosnap, Autologic, G-Scan, Xtoll, OBDStar, Carecar, Ease-Diagnostic, Drew-Tech, Advance-Diagnostic (UK), TCode (America), AETOOLS” said Garu.

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