‘Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin rehabilitates lives, Preaches Christ’

‘Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin rehabilitates lives, Preaches Christ’

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  • SSA clears the air on false alarm raised by wanted contractor

Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin’s Senior Special Adviser, Sunday Okuma has come out to clear the air on the story circulating on social media about allegations leveled against the General Overseer, Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Warri, Delta State, also called Mercy City alias ‘The Arena of Solution and Power’ by a wanted contractor.

Okuma in an exclusive interview with GATMASH NEWS said “we saw the media news stating that the uncommon prophet is having issues with one Chuks which is not really true. Chuks used to be a worker in Mercy City from 2014 till date, for about 6 years now and has been handling jobs, collecting money from the church buying materials and building structures.

Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin’s Senior Special Adviser, Sunday Okuma

He called himself an engineer. But we later discovered that the man was actually conniving with people to use substandard materials and at the same time taking money from the church and not using it for the purpose which was collected. In the course of that we now got in touch with the QS who came and valued his jobs and find out that the man actually took a lot of money from the church and we decided to involve the Police to get him arrested. In the course of that the man ran away.

In the course of getting him, the police could not identify him because he has been away for some times now. So we send a driver from the church to serve as a pointer for the police since we know him but upon doing that the fellow fled and start making some nasty statements, damaged his vehicle and claimed that it was the assassinators the man of God sent to him and used the police against him and all sorts of things. We all know that there’s no way that Senior Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin will even talk to with assassinators or people who kill or such people. What we do here is rehabilitates lives, change lives, preaches Christ, we do a lot of things. If you go to our social media handles and websites, you will find out that we do a lot of things. See the giving’s of the man of God, this man is too big. He’s a multi-millionaire, he’s a millionaire prophet, and he can never, never and will never sponsor any assassinating team or try to kill anybody. These are our subjects, this are people we rehabilates and empower them. Come to our foundation and see what we are doing for the public, nation and everybody. I will advise members of the public to discontent and disregard such news from the social media”,

When asked if there was actually gunshot or damage for someone to say assassins are after him, Sunday said: “What we know about is that police men went after him because they wanted to arrest him. So I cannot really tell if they were gunshots or not but I won’t want to believe that there were gunshot. It was just a civil issue, he was only asked to come to the police station and make a statement so they can carry out their investigation”.

The SSA also advice that people shouldn’t jump into conclusion rather investigate things before carrying it on social media. “I want to really introduced the servant of God, the uncommon prophet, I called him an uncommon prophet because am a witness and I can see what this man is doing in the body of Christ. Please let people cross check things they see on social media before you utter a word. You don’t just speak against men of God, these are men of God, and these are people who fast and pray and used their resources to rehabilitates lives, to support lives, to support people, to empower people, so why speak evil of such people. Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, Founder of Mercy Television is a multi-millionaire, a rich man, a man blessed by God”.

GATMASH NEWS gathered that the incident which took place at a church premises along Refinery road, Warri, Delta state almost got some police officers on duty lynched by the incited church members including youths and a tundra truck belonging to Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry damaged following the false alarmed raised by Chuks, the wanted contracted. The police men couldn’t affect their arrest on the contactor because they had to run for their safety but called for backup and the contractor was later arrested.

When GATMASH NEWS visited the Ekpan Police station where the vehicles belonging to Chuks and the church was parked, a police officer who spoke on anonymous said the was no sign of any gunshot on the car belonging to Chuks as claimed rather calling the police men who were on official assignment assassins which almost cost them their lives but thanks God for everything and warns people to stop raising false alarm in order to protect themselves causing more damage.

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