”Life can be really hard sometimes” – Erica cries out.

”Life can be really hard sometimes” – Erica cries out.

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Big Brother Naija ‘lockdown’ star and actress, Erica, has shared her thoughts about being famous and she subtly revealed that it may not be all rosy.

The reality star asked her fans to put themselves in her shoes and she also begged her fans to reduce their expectations because life can be really hard sometimes.

Her tweet reads ;

If you love me, put yourself in my shoes.

Reduce the expectations, life can be really hard sometimes.

Below are some reactions from social media users ;

Dal wrote ;

It must really hurt to be famous. I feel you. People put her on an extremely high pedestal and expect her life to be 💯 perfect forgetting that before she got famous, she was just a human being with feelings and now that she is famous, she’s still human. We understand you. We totally do. Sigh.

Kingzz wrote ;

People will bash her now but she’s speaking facts

Bature wrote ;

Na so oo, Expectations are traumatizing

Chidox wrote ;

Number one problem most people usually have is expecting too much

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