Career is a significant part of our lives today and any decision in terms of career planning now has to be taken with the utmost attention. With numerous courses, certifications, colleges, job opportunities available, choosing the right career path could become intimidating.

 Looking at a much larger and bigger picture, you will agree with me that a desired choice of career will not only offer an effective job opportunity but allows YOU to embrace a satisfactory and respectful lifestyle. Lifestyle and personality are the reflection of one’s values and mostly, the professional life they lead.

As we grow up, our personal choices, goals, and future plans start revolving around the kind of job we have and the flexibility it can offer. Hence the importance of career talk and guidance cannot be ruled out.

Nigeria is a developing country and its power lies in the young minds. That’s why we must understand the importance of career guidance to make an informed decision regarding career progressions.

Today, one of the finest, young and passionate journalist, Munachi Chinwendu, who works with The Sun Newspaper joined Theresa Moses in an exclusive Facebook live on Sharing Your Thoughts about dealing with career pressure and how to enjoy doing what you love to do without letting the daily stress affects your health, lifestyle and productivity.

Career pressure is a common challenge and tends to impact on the individual either positively or negatively. The global business world is a fast paced, dynamic and innovative one and this tends to impact on our jobs. Because of the fear to either be sacked or laid off, we tend to push ourselves to the limit of meeting up with the ever changing dynamics of the 21st century.

According to Munachi Chinwendu, Career pressure is a series or pattern of reactions that happens when one is faced with having a heavy workload together with no knowledge, skill or capability on how to go about it. It is important to note that career pressure starts when one is applying for a role in an organization and it does not even stop when one gets the job.

Factors that leads to career pressure includes: Working conditions, Control, Relationship, Role, Level of support, Balance between work and home space amongst others. The versatile journalist also reveals how to deal with career pressure by: Always remain calm, Stay focused, Helping others to get through their own taxing day, Get help if you need it, Eat healthy foods, Take a vacation, Take on more responsibilities even though the clime is not suitable and Step out of your comfort zone

Wow! What an amazing talk from our special guest, Munachi Chinwendu.

The road toward a right career path originates from the right approach and knowledge of the future trends and prospects of different career clusters. Proper career planning sets up a strong foundation for your future and gives you a steady path to focus on your goals.

 It’s not an easy feat working professionally especially from this part of the world where there are so much uncertainty or lack of clarity about various careers or in reaching maximum potential.

Before you dream of that amazing career, note that career guidance has become a necessity in today’s time. If you don’t like your job, taking a career switch may become challenging as well. In all you do please embrace broad perspective to examine career skills.

In this emerging tech-world, the education sector is encompassing tools that can produce defined and measurable results. To achieve success, a clear road-map towards a fulfilling career is also paramount.

For those who check Google maps on their phone will know how precisely it displays the path to a destination. In the same wake, career talk and guidance drive one towards his/her right career path by defining a clear road-map. A right career map is an impressive tool to stay focus and achieve beneficial results.

Most of the time, parents assume that they know the best for their children and hence, take career decision based on that. Children, as a result, feel suffocated and live their entire life struggling at a job they had never wished for. These situations usually give rise to conflicts and make career planning an even more difficult puzzle to solve.

I’d advise parents to respect and understand the viewpoints of their children and suggest an optimal middle path. Let’s not be biased, when you find yourself doing what you love doing, it feels like you’ve grabbed a better and fulfilling opportunities in life.  You can surpass any ambiguous or doubtful stress boat and still sail in ease through thick and thins of professional life.

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