“People are going to talk whether you are good or bad” – Model, Adetutu writes as she shares topless photo

“People are going to talk whether you are good or bad” – Model, Adetutu writes as she shares topless photo

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Nigerian model, Adetutu OJ, who has prominent tribal marks embedded on her face, has shared yet another nude photo of herself on social media.

Adetutu writes

Recall that Adetutu went viral in 2019 after she indicated interest in modelling for Rihanna and bemoaned the discrimination against people with tribal marks.

Sequel to being famous after being followed by Rihanna on Instagram, the single mother-of-one has resorted to selling her nude pictures and videos online to earn a living for herself and her child.

In a post shared on her IG page recently, Adetutu advised her followers to be themselves unapologetically because people will talk anyways. She accompanied the advise with a topless photo of herself with her hand covering her n!pples.

She wrote, “People are going to talk whether you are good or bad. So do you.”

See her post below.

Adetutu writes

In other news, Adetutu recenlty disclosed that sex work is work and she would rather do that than beg online.

Responding to fans/trolls who have a problem with the way she pays her bills, Adetutu took to Snapchat to write;

You added me on Snapchat to spy and also asking why I’m into online sex work. How is it your business Mr scamming ass nigga? I don’t really have to explain the bills and responsibilities I’m saddled with. I’m a sole single mum of a 12 year old child.

“Brands don’t really give a f**k as model with tribal marks. Most are just famzing me because Rihanna followed me. My beading classes happen once in a blue moon especially because I don’t have my own studio yet.

Stop asking me suily questions about how I struggle to survive and make money. I rather sell my nudes and video to survive than beg on the internet. Ire ooooo. #sexworkiswork”.

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