Monday , August 15 2022

Netizens left in shock as lady “shows herself and shows what almost killed her” (VIDEO)

In a rather depressing turnout of events, a Nigerian lady who decided to participate in a viral trend left netizens stunned after she showed the thing that almost took her life.

For most part of the trend, netizens tend to show how either a sickness, an accident, depression or something else almost claimed their life but they survived the phase. That of this lady however, was a different story as she shared that she was a victim of domestic abuse.

The lady shared a video on her social media page, showing what she looked like in only just two weeks after her betrothal to her now estranged partner.

Sharing an update on her relationship with her abusive partner, she revealed that she left him in the week that she suffered an abuse from him and hasn’t gotten back with him despite how he desperately begged her to.

She then asked ladies to always speak out and never subject themselves to an abusive relationship.

Watch the video she shared as you scroll,

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